Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sibling Love

Sibling Love

When Brianne and Bryce are being best friends it is about the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.

But sometimes they aren't the bestest of friends....and I suppose that is just part of being siblings.  I braved a trek to the grocery store with the two of them.....and it started off well....

Sister is thinking "Hmmmm - why is he in the driver seat and i'm stuck riding shot-gun.....he'll pay for that later...."

About the time we were checking out Brianne was grabbing handfuls of Bryce's red mop top and yanking his hair 'till he shrieked.  I would ask her to use gentle touches and she would let go....but then as soon as I turned away to unload our goodies onto the conveyer belt I heard the shrieking and knew she was back at it.  Yep - we were 'those' people in line that you avoid at all costs because the children are having meltdowns.  We managed to get out of there - but I am not in a hurry to return with the two of them unless I have back-up support!  Poor little Bryce seems to have forgiven his sister - and we will continue to work on gentle touches with the little lady....I'm sure it's only a matter of time until Bryce realizes he can play her games.........Sullivan Family Chaos will really be in full force then!

Fort Worth Zoo - The Newest Addition! 

If you live in the area you should head to the zoo to see the newest addition - the baby rhino!  She is precious - and we finally managed to catch a good look at her.  The first time we went to see her she'd been hiding behind her mama - this time she was out and about!

Three Year Old B-day Party at the Park!

We celebrated our friend's Coen and Carter's b-day over the weekend!  What a fun Mickey Mouse Club celebration at Bicentennial Park in Pantego!  The kids enjoyed playing on the swings, and Bryce loved the hot dog lunch.  Brianne wanted to get right to the sweet stuff - the delicious Mickey Mouse cake pop - can't say I blame her!

 So glad we got out to see the twins celebrate turning THREE!  Thanks for having us out to join in the fun!

Shopping at the Mall

Brianne just got a pair of braces that will hopefully help support her ankles and make walking a bit easier for her.  We headed off to the mall in hopes of finding some shoes that would work well with them....we didn't have much luck in the shoe department - but the kids loved having dinner in the food court.  Dessert was a blizzard from Dairy Queen - and they didn't mess around when it came to that!

I Love Fall - I Love Pumpkin Delights!

I know some people say the first day of Fall is here when Starbucks has the Pumpkin Spice Latte....but for me - I know it's that time of year when the Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights are available!  I might have a problem since I can't stop myself from throwing 3 boxes of these into the shopping cart each time I see them.......but the kids love them too so I think it's okay.  They aren't around for that we might as well enjoy them while we can, right?

Additional Cuteness

Go Cowboys - Bryce still maintains a perfect record of watching every Cowboys game since he was born!

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