Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My Girl - My Sunshine

 Brianne and I got out for a Mommy-and-Daughter date. We did a little shopping, ate dinner, and enjoyed some time at the park.  

Meanwhile.......Bryce and Daddy got out to watch some football and enjoy some delicious Mexican food.

 I think we all enjoyed the quality 1-on-1 time...details that the separate excursions were inspired by a little disagreement over when Bryce should get his next hair cut.   I'm thinking he is already overdue for a cut....but daddy wants the boy to go with a shaggy look.  So for now - Bryce is sporting  a crazy red mop top......hair cut to come sometime in the future.


Pig Roast #2 of the Summer

A co-worker invited us out to their place for a pig roast.   And when I say out, I mean wayyyyyyyy OUT in the country.  It was almost an hour drive out to lovely Chico, Texas where they own a big Texas size piece of property.  They couldn't have picked a better day - the weather was perfect!

 Great food and ice cold beverages....yes please!

This little boy kept helping himself to ice cubes from the cooler.
Hey - someone lather me up with some sunscreen, would ya?

Puppy dog!  Brianne will sign and SAY puppy now!
I failed to get a picture of the goats....but there were lots of them!  The kids enjoyed checking out the petting zoo!
Great party for the little ones - this basket was full of bubble making toys and sidewalk chalk. 
Busy, busy, busy!

Puzzles at the Library

Still trying to master the madness of venturing out with the two kids on my own.  This library excursion I got really brave (and/or crazy) and had both kids out of the stroller simultaneously.  It got a little stressful about the time Bryce wandered over to another table....but he didn't get too far and B and I caught up to him.

Brianne is getting closer and closer to walking......she's standing up more and more and will take a few steps before she does a very dramatic flop and then smiles and claps because she knows she is getting close to cruising!  So exciting to see her working so hard - she'll be there before we know it!

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  1. What a fun weekend. Can't believe how quickly these two are growing. We are so proud of Brianne for taking those first steps - way to go girl! What are you going to do with two toddlers walking?!?! Yikes :)