Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun in Full Force

Fall Fun

Friday night we met up with friends at a local park.  A quick dinner of pizza was followed by some serious playground time.  I was thrilled that this playground wasn't as scary as the last one...this one did not have the crazy drop-offs so I was able to actually breathe and relaxed a little while Brianne and Bryce cruised around with big smiles.

  Brianne wasn't messing around on the playground.  She circled around and around - always returning to the winding slide that she would plummet down head first.  And I know we should encourage her to sit on her bum to go down a slide...but it's just so darn cute to see her giant smile as she slides down on her belly.  And she did sit down corectly to go down the open slides a few I like to think she only goes down tunnel slides in this fashion.........or so that's my excuse for photographing this instead of insisting she sit properly....

Blurry pic - but captures the fun she's having.  :)
Strutting her stuff in her Embry-Riddle attire.  Thank you Allie for this awesome shirt!
 Our friend's let Bryce take their bike out for a spin.  His feet didn't quite touch the ground so he's not quite ready to ride around the block...but it made for a nice photo op. 

Delaney Vineyards  - Family Fall Festival

 A local winery hosted a Fall Festival - and it was jam packed with activities.  The kids braved their first bounce house experience and there was a hayride and petting zoo.  We had a wonderful time - certainly think we'll be keeping tabs on the activities at this place since it was so nicely done!  One worker told me they have an Easter Egg I'm guessing we'll be back for that!

 Hay Rides!

Vineyard = Pumpkin Patch :)

 Bobbing For Apples!

Petting Zoo!


 Bounce House!

 Pumpkin Painting

The gal's enjoyed an evening of Pumpkin Painting.  I was pretty impressed with how my masterpieces turned out. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration! :)

Grandma Suzie headed home this morning - we had a great time with her here.  We have a very busy few weeks ahead of us.......schedule is  jam-packed for the foreseeable future.........but I'm not complaining...although I wouldn't mind a few more hours in the days!!! :)  Happy Fall!!!!

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