Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playground Chaos

Playground Fun

The other evening the weather was fantastic so we headed to a nearby park.   I am NOT ready for my kids to be climbing around on a playground - it scares the living daylights out of me....but they loved every minute of it.  My stress levels were off the charts as they went up the stairs and plowed straight toward the tallest slide there.  Mark and I were like ping-pong balls going back and forth as we tried to keep tabs on both kids - making sure someone was at the bottom to catch the little ones as they came shooting out of the big slide, making sure someone was behind the kids as they went up the stairs and guiding them away from the big drop-offs.....but the beaming smiles on their little faces made that frightening experience worth the panic and fear. 

The pictures don't do the experience justice........but given that I was too busy chasing after the kids and fearing for their lives, I didn't have a chance to try and get good photos -  I say it's impressive that we have any photos from this adventure!

 Wish I had a picture of Brianne coming down this slide - she came out like a cannonball!

 Phew.....all this playing makes me thirsty!

This is the "We survived our first real playground experience" celebration picture.  The kids really didn't want to celebrate leaving...

Morning Hair

This morning I picked thru Bryce's closet and came up with a pair of overhauls that he's never worn.  Of course the size was 6-12 months but they looked bigger than that - so I proceed to put them on him.  They didn't fit......but by the time I got him in that outfit I figured it warranted taking a picture before retiring that never-been-worn outfit.

Happy October, Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

I'm hoping to post some Down syndrome focused things in the near future to help celebrate this being Down Syndrome Awareness month.   If you aren't familiar with what Down Syndrome is,  here is a link to some general facts if you want to learn something new:  Down Syndrome Facts

 I love that there is an entire month dedicated to celebrating all the amazing individuals who have an extra 21st chromosome!

Here are a few pictures of my beautiful girl as a way to kick-off Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

I love you B!

If you are looking for a way to join the celebration, check out this link for some great ideas and resources!  Down Syndrome Awareness Month Info

Another option - support Brianne's Fans!  This is Brianne's team for the Tarrant County Buddy Walk which is a major fundraiser for the local DS Partnership and is also a fantastic event that raises awareness and promotes acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome.  Sign Up HERE! 

Happy October!  Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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