Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grandma Suzie in Town

Grandma is Visiting!

We are glad to have Grandma Suzie here for the week.  It's wonderful to have the extra help, and the kids are loving the extra loving and attention they are getting.  The kids are also busy playing with Grandma's IPad - they are little technological wizards as they swipe the screen and manipulate their favorite games.

Bryce was grooving to some music - the boy has rhythm!

Horned Frog Football 

We ventured out to the TCU football game on Saturday.  It was a chilly day, but we bundled up and enjoyed the fresh Fall air!

Mark found Bryce's sweatshirt hood to be a good way to keep tabs on the little boy....a non-controversial kid-leash. :)

Perhaps the kids weren't that excited by Super Frog...

Brianne and Bryce discussed what plays the Horned Frogs should run....unfortunately the Horned Frogs didn't take their advice.

Brianne Walking

Little Lady is working hard to master walking.  She is getting stronger and stronger....taking more and more steps on her own - and I'm so proud of her.

I just love that she'll walk along holding our hands.  So cute to watch her with Grandma and Dad and brother.  What a big girl!

The cold Fall weather let us break out some of the warmer clothes.  Bryce was to stinkin' cute in his fleece vest.

Bryce's First Air Show!

Bryce got out for some quality time with his Dad - they went out to the Air Show on Saturday morning.   I was sad to miss it - but I've been under the weather so the gals stayed home and took it easy. 

I'm told Bryce enjoyed the air show.  I believe that - especially since any time Bryce hears an airplane he's pointing up at the sky.  That's our boy....perhaps it's time to bust out the Embry-Riddle attire for him. :)


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