Monday, October 22, 2012

Gulf Coast Weekend Getaway

Wedding Weekend - Port Arthur

Thursday night we hit the road to head to Port Arthur to see our friends, Frank and Lisa, get married.  Mark was a groomsman - so I'd been a bit worried about how I would handle the dynamic duo with him busy in the wedding - but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the entire trip went.  I am so thankful that the kids were troopers and traveled like little angels.  The 6 hour trek there and back went smoothly - which was such a wonderful surprise!

Friday we made a trek to Sea Rim State Park.  Mark and I both smiled when we saw that we could drive right onto the beach - brought back sweet memories of Daytona Beach!

So maybe it wasn't the cleanest beach....but it was a beautiful day so we lathered on the sun screen and tried not to think about oil spills - instead we focused on the kids smiles and laughter as they splashed around in the chilly water.

Bryce gets so excited whenever he sees an airplane or helicopter.   Here he is pointing at a helicopter that came soaring over head.


On the drive back to the hotel we passed by a splash park - and we were happy to learn that it was still operating - so that was a fun impromptu pit-stop.

Scenic drive thru Oil Refinery Land....

Rehearsal Night!

The kids must have been exhausted after the day's events - because when it came to be time for the rehearsal - they were passed out.

Rehearsal dinner was yummy Carraba's food.  Brianne became totally distracted once she saw this little pup.  She just kept saying "puppy" and looking all around the room for it...she was pretty excited when she got to say hello to the little pup.

Hotel Nights


Buddy Walk Shirts!

Saturday we all sported our Buddy Walk shirts. We were pretty bummed to have to miss the Tarrant County Buddy Walk this year since it was Saturday morning - it's an amazing event that promotes awareness and acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome.  Loved seeing pictures from those that were there - and we were thinking about everyone that went out for such a great cause!  A huge thank you to all our friends and family that donated and/or registered as walkers!  Brianne loves her Fans and we are so appreciative of all your support!

Wedding Day

Saturday morning Mark was off to partake in his groom duties - so I was left with the kiddos and had a free morning to explore the town.  A quick search on things to do in Port Arthur turned up Tugboat Island Park in Port Neches - so I packed the kids up and off we went.  What a fantastic park!!!

Right next to this gigantic playground was another splash pad.  We had that park all to ourselves!  

Then it was time to head back and get ready for the wedding.  I was so happy to learn the church had a 'cry room' where we could see the wedding ceremony and hear it via speakers - but people outside the room couldn't hear the kids crying/squealing/laughing - so it made it possible to be at the wedding with the kids!   What a beautiful bride Lisa made - and what a lovely wedding!  So thankful we were able to share their special day with them!  The kids even lasted thru a good portion of the reception.  It was adorable to watch Bryce join in with the kids that were running around the dance floor.  He played his first game of 'tag' and it was one of the funniest things I've seen.  Bryce quickly became 'It' and he didn't know he was supposed to chase them in cute to watch him make friends and playing with the big kids - he's growing up so fast!!!!!

Epic failure on my part to get pictures...realized this when we got back to the hotel - Bryce was sound asleep but B was still hanging in there - but she didn't take long to pass out for the night!

What a wonderful weekend getaway!  Wishing Frank and Lisa all the happiness as they begin their lives as Mr. and Mrs!  Thank you for inviting us to celebrate your big day with you!

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