Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Came Early...

Early Christmas Goodies...

Since we will be traveling for Christmas...(and because the kids aren't into the Santa phase quite yet so we can get away with it) - we went on a bit of a shopping spree and treated the kids to some new toys...and have already set them up and started to put them to good use.

We didn't actually buy the tricycles...they both need to grow an inch or two before their feet will reach the pedals - but it was entertaining to have them test drive the bikes in the store.  I realize we were living on the edge since they weren't sporting helmets - but don't fret - helmets will be fully enforced when the time comes!


Brianne is completely captivated by the television show "Signing Times".  We try to limit her to one episode a day....but it's hard since she loves it so much and it does allow some time to prepare dinner or to get a few things done around the house.  She's gotten into the bad habit of standing right underneath the we decided it was time to get the kiddos their own chairs in an effort to move her away from the TV so she doesn't go bug-eyed. 

In-Store Trial Run - these seats passed the test!
These little chairs make me smile.  So little - so cute!
TV limits will be enforced.......don't want these kiddos turning into couch potatoes - but I'm not opposed to a little Sesame Street so i can prepare dinner!
Cheap $5 baby and stroller from Wally World did not last 5 minutes.....about the time Bryce tried to sit down in it himself a wheel broke off........

Check out the fancy schmancy new kitchen set!

Daddy and B cooking burgers. :)
Even more exciting - check out the BOX that the kitchen set came in!  Yes - the box is still in the living room...anyone want to take bets on how long it will be here?  Certainly lasting longer than the $5 baby doll and stroller set!


 The weather has been amazing lately - so we ventured out to Trinity Park on Sunday. 

Little guy braved this crazy ramp a few times....gave me a bit of a panic attack to watch - but he took his time and carefully held on while maneuvering across...quite proud of the little guy!

Trinity Duck Pond

 If you live in the Fort Worth area and haven't been here - I highly recommend checking this place out!  Be sure to take a few slices of old bread when you go - it's so much fun to feed the ducks!

Brianne did a great job of throwing the pieces of bread to the ducks.  Bryce must have been hungry - because he kept snacking on the bread himself. :)  

Getting the two little ones to look at the camera and smile simultaneously is proving harder and harder....hoping to venture out to get the yearly holiday photos taken....and fingers crossed that we'll get one of those priceless shots that magically catches both kiddos with their happiest smiles!

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