Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thrilled to have my parents in town for Thanksgiving!  They have been amazing babysitters and chefs - spoiling us by cooking delicious meals and helping out with the kids.

Just a few of the things I'm thankful for...
  • Thankful for:  A week off from Daycare drop-offs and pick-ups since Grandma and Grandpa watched the little ones
  • Thankful for: Kiddos soft cheeks that are made for kisses
  • Thankful that: Brianne and Bryce have learned to give kisses - either blowing kisses or real smooches!
  • Thankful for: My job for being so understanding of my ever changing schedule and allowing me to get to all the doctor and therapy appointments and to pick up Brianne from school.  
  • Thankful for: The sweet sound of the kids laughter as they chase each other around the living room
  • Thankful that: Brianne is walking around like a little champ
  • Thankful for:  My wonderful husband who is an AMAZING dad
  • Thankful that:  I've been given the opportunity to learn that people with Down syndrome are amazing individuals.  
  • Thankful that: we've been introduced to an entire network of people that we wouldn't have known had it not been for that extra chromosome!
  • Thankful for:  The Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant County for being such a fantastic resource for us and other families in the area
  • Thankful that: Brianne is starting to say more and more words.  Her favorites are: Puppy, Bye-Bye, Brah-Er (Brother!), Nana (Banana), and Pees (Please). She's learning the names of her classmates and says Eee-A (Eva) and Emamama (Emma).
  • Thankful that:  Bryce is a snuggle bug.  He loves to sit in my lap and just cuddle - soaking that goodness up since I'm sure it won't last forever!
  • Thankful for:  Skype!  With all of our family living far away, being able to video chat with them makes the distance more tolerable!
  • Thankful for:  the delicious turkey dinner we enjoyed and the fridge overflowing with yummy leftovers
  • Thankful for:  The awesome friends we have here in Texas....and for e-mails and phones and Facebook for keeping in touch with our faraway friends.
  • Thankful for:  Long weekends!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did - and the weekend is still young!

Thankful for little boys that like to wear Daddy's shoes

Thankful for wagon rides

Thankful for Pinterest for providing fun recipe ideas
Thankful for invitations to our neighbor's 2nd b-day party!

Brianne is thankful for cupcakes!

Thankful for bounce houses at our friend's b-day party last weekend!

Thankful for kiddos that play together and make me laugh

Thankful to see the kiddos playing with their grandparents!

Thankful for quality play time with Grandpa!

Thankful for Skype!

Thankful for two kiddos that play together nicely. :)

Thankful to watch Bryce build a huge skyscraper!

Thankful for delicious turkey!  Gobble gobble!

Kiddos are thankful for pumpkin pie!
Thankful for little boys in skeleton pajamas that like to sit in mama's lap

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