Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkins and Pancakes

Pumpkins and Pancakes at the Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo offered a special early morning event to zoo members that included a pancake breakfast and an early admission to the zoo.  It was a beautiful Fall morning - and we had a great time chowing down on some yummy grub and seeing the animals.

The boys :)  So glad that our friends are zoo members too!

 We saw the penguins being fed their breakfast!

 TCU Tailgate and Game

Saturday was a perfect day for a tailgate party with our Kinderfrogs friends.  We had a wonderful time relaxing in the grass (aka:  chasing after two little ones who want to explore) and eating some of the yummiest burgers ever, provided by The Hamburger Man. 

The pack-and-play is a wonderful thing to bring along to events like these...thankfully the kids aren't climbing out of it yet....so until then - we'll take advantage of it!

There are some fancy new Kinderfrogs shirts/polos/t-shirts that are available for purchase - we all upgraded our wardrobe to nice new Kinderfrog attire!

So maybe Brianne's shirt was a little big....but we made it work

 Bryce enjoyed checking out the playground at his sister's school....he's likely a little jealous since the playground is quite an upgrade from the one at his school! 

Game Time!

 We had a good time at the football game....would have been more fun had our Horned Frogs come away with a win - but what a beautiful evening for a football game!

The fun of family pictures is that we never manage to get everyone looking at the camera....but we tried.

Arts and Crafts

The kids have been busy creating some masterpieces lately. :)


Little Miss couldn't resist tasting the paint....yes, it's non-toxic, but I'm thinking I should look into those home-made paint recipes I've been seeing on Pinterest!

 Little Picasso took his painting very seriously. :)

 I just love when the kids come home with artwork.  Brianne's class learned about spiders the other week - and this fun piece of art came home with her!  It found a place on the 'door of art'....the pantry door has filled up with things the kids create at school - love it!

 Walking :)

Little lady is still working on her walking....during a weekend stroll we ran into the neighbors and the little gals walked along holding hands for a little bit - super precious!

 Hope November is treating you well and that you are staying warm!  We had to put our heat on last night...and today was the first day of scraping ice off my car....gotta love Texas. :)

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  1. What - ice on your car?? Do we live in the same city?!